Created on 13 October 2015

More Locations Identified

Some more of those elusive places have been found by our sharp eyed contributors:

Cathy Come Home 015, 016 and 018 – Nick Phillips

A Kind of Loving 007b and 007c – Stuart Garside

Grass is Greener, The 016-018 – Jules Ballantyne

Blue Juice 007 – Dave Wilson

Our thanks to you all once again.

Created on 05 October 2015

Locations Identified - Update

Another impressive list of information and interest received in a week:

Let Him Have It 008 – Dave Jones

Great Escape, The  062 – Pam Small

Ice Cold in Alex 007 – Barbie Thompson

Ragman’s Daughter, The 041 – Kirstie Mackay

Serena 010 and 011 – Jules Ballantyne

29 Acacia Avenue 003 – Jules Ballantyne

European Vacation 028 – Heath Wollms

System, The 007’s and 016’s – Dave Wilson

Thank you all once again, your help is greatly appreciated.

Created on 02 October 2015


Well, you can't believe everthing that you read on this site. The Hepworth Studio wasn't in Shepperton. Sorry.
Due to a series of difficulties the original Hepworth Studios were taken over by Walton Studios, which later became Nettlefold Studios, and all three were in Walton-on-Thames. Closed and demolished in 1961
Created on 01 October 2015

107 Years of Cinema Location History.

Well, amazing, after more than 100 years, we can travel back in time and the locations, buildings and roads in Dog Outwits The Kidnappers, appear in glorious colour, and not much changed, thanks to our worthy contributor Stephen Dean, who deserves a Reel Streets award of recognition for his outstanding work.
We can now boast that we cover almost 110 years of cinematographic history thanks to Hepworth and his studio in Shepperton, where, in the local shopping centre is a tribute to this early movie director, his staff and his studio.
Quite apart from the huge time span that we now cover we have now loaded almost 1500 films onto the site together with 36,000 comparative photos.
Created on 27 September 2015

Further Locations Identified

Our thanks to the following contributors for their information and for resolving some of our outstanding "unknown's":

Lost (aka Tears for Simon) All the 3’s – Jules Ballantyne

Pride & Prejudice 010 and 012 – Lyn Mistry

Otley 051 – Jules Ballantyne

Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea, The 029 – Sheena Fletcher

I was Monty’s Double 001 – Melvyn Hull

Simon, Simon 009 and 010 – David Noades

Melody (aka S.W.A.L.K.) 075 – Peter Brown

All much appreciated.

Created on 14 September 2015

Location Updates

Another batch of locations identified by our keen eyed contributors, how soon before they are covered with NOW shots?

Spaceways 008 and 009 – Aidan McManus

One that Got Away, The 003c – Paul Atkinson

Lost (aka Tears for Simon) 018b – Mike Scott

Flesh is Weak, The 008 – Peter

All the Way Up 009, 010 and 011 – Shell Rubin Torquay

There's a Girl in My Soup 005 and all the 7’s – Shell Rubin Torquay

Again and as always, thank you all for your interest and contribution.



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