Created on 12 September 2016

How do we do it?

Initially there are the obvious visits to imdb and Wikipedia. Then there are DVD special features and the almost unrivalled power of direct inquiry using social media. You realise quickly that Google is your friend. Keyword searches to unearth production articles often have great results and then there is the power of Google Streetview. It allows you to virtually look around many streets both in the UK and abroad to verify location information. Occasionally checking out a film in high definition will enable you to read a previously fuzzy street-sign.

Read Dave Wilson's article on how he does it by clicking here.

Created on 09 September 2016

Latest Locations Identified

Thank you all once again for taking the trouble to share your information and add to our knowledge base.

Frieda 006 – Peter Brown

Double Exposure 035 – Peter Brown

Operation Diplomat 024, 025, 029 to 034 – RL

Blue Lamp, The 086 – Bill Hamer

Ghost Camera, The 004e – Chris G

What a Crazy World 012 – Caroline Wood

Some People 052 - Bill Berry

Created on 30 August 2016

Locations Identified

Thank you all for some excellent identifications. Those that relate to totally re-developed areas that can really only be identified by someone who lived there are very much appreciated and welcomed. How else would we know? 

This is a good opportunity to apologise if our response times in recent weeks have been a little slower than usual, our correspondence level has been quite high with intensive information and support material. We try to enjoy Real Lives as well!

Rita, Sue and Bob Too! 012b to 012d – Peter F.

Breaking Glass 023 – Barry Robins

Nuns on the Run 028 (Information) 055, 056 and 059 – Mike P.

Poor Cow 008 and 009 – Tom Mulrenan

Quiller Memorandum, The 027, 029, 031, 040, 041 and 041a as well as an article in the Header Section – Christoph Gogg

Great Van Robbery, The 002 – Frances Bull

Eight O’clock Walk  001 to 004b, 006 and 007 – Frances Bull

Villain 008 – Frances Bull

Frightened Man, The 001 – Frances Bull

Odd Man Out 021 and 023 – Malcolm Cotton

Created on 17 August 2016

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

We could be referring to the 1949 film on line with Honor Blackman, John McCallum, Diana Dors, Patrick Holt, Anthony Newley, Thora Hird, Lesley Dwyer and  Meg Jenkins, to name a few.
Or, if we double up on the mechanical side, it could be Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, our latest gold medalists.
Congratulations to both of them, what wonderful results. Just goes to show what a boy, a girl and a bike, or two, can achieve.
Thank you both.
Created on 09 August 2016

More Location Information

Father Came Too – 001 and 005 to 007 – Sarah Beeson

Conflict of Wings 034 – Tony Bennett (Information)

October Man, The 004 and 008 – James Cochrane

Run Wild Run Free – Janis Lyons (information in the Header Section)

Deep End 020 to 022 – Paul Borg

Miranda 005 – Peter Brown

Fourth Protocol, The  002 – Juha 

We are really grateful for your interest and contributions, many thanks.

Created on 31 July 2016

Summer Time, When the Snapping is Easy

Well, location enthusiasts, what a rotten summer, but obviously many of you have found time to investigate movie sites, the real streets and the actual locations, rather than the on-line collections. 

A rapid count shows that in the last thirty days about 130 films have been upgraded with recent location shots depicting some of the many changes which have been made since the original movies were made. Quite apart from the usual suspects, a goodly number of you have actually taken to the streets with your box Brownies and taken a snap, or three. Thank you all. 

For the rest of you "pomme de faineant", or even "patate de sofa", couch potatoes; and you can imagine how well I fared in my French and Latin GCEs! Get off the chaise-longue, stow the beer and crisps for later and get out into the cool streets to record those places that you know about, but that not many others do.

If you can't raise yourself, have a go at Google, and see if you can identify an unknown location with their street views. And, if you can't do that, please just send us £10.00 via PayPal to pay for some of our shoe leather.


Happy viewing.


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