Created on 29 February 2016

Location Updates

The latest listing of locations provided by our ever helpful followers:

I believe in You 007 – Peter Townley

O’Lucky Man 026 and 028 – Neil Rigby

Three Steps to the Gallows 030 – Robin Goddard

Secret People 008 – Robin Paterson

Taste of Honey, A 058 – Philip Gregson

Gentle Sex, The 008 and 009 – William S

All very much appreciated, thanks again.


Created on 16 February 2016

This Weeks Identifications

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life 027 – Dave Wilson

Last Holiday 017 – Roger Taylor

Fish Called Wander, A 063 – Peter Brown

Come On George! 001  to 005 – Peter Brown

Time Lock 002 – Di Davies

Some mind benders resolved there, thank you all once more.



Created on 10 February 2016


We regret all the problems that some of you may have experienced this afternoon (Wednesday10th) in trying to connect to the Website. Our server Host initially experienced a "large distributed denial service attack against the Server network" and in attending to this, subsequent resulting difficulties occurred which resulted in more "down time" than either they or we would have wished. All now appears to be functioning as before but work is, we understand, continuing. It frustrates us all!

Created on 08 February 2016

This Weeks Identifications

Three Men in a Boat  007, 013, 018, 018a – Cynthia and Lionel Sear

Back Room Boy 004 – Jeremy Matthews

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life – 025 – Dave Wilson

Ghost Ship 007 – John Lord

Passport to Shame 001d – Richard Tibber

Belles of St. Trinian’s, The 006c – Nick Pollard

Thank you all once more for your support and involvement.

Created on 08 February 2016

Lambeth Bridge - Film Stunt

How much did the Jackie Chan film producers have to pay into Boris's coffers for the privilege of closing off Lambeth Bridge and blowing up a bus midway across? Did anyone snap it for ReelStreets? "Not enough warning", "frightened children" and "terrified tourists" are claims made by some or all of the Guardian, Evening Standard, Telegraph, Sky News, Daily Mail, Independent, Metro, BBC etc etc. The Foreigner is the current name for this flick and apparently the Port of London Authority gave permission. Perhaps they took the money.

Anyone with anything to add please do so.

Created on 03 February 2016

Film Locations Update

The latest locations identified:

Shakedown, The 005 and 006 – Mike

So Well Remembered 024 – Kathy Swainston

Confessions of a Pop Performer 003 to 006 – Martin McNally

Comfort and Joy 041 – Bob Buchanan

All the Way Up 031 and 032 – Sarah Beeson

Demi-Paradise, The 002 – Peter Brown

Uncle, The 030 – Dave Wilson

Thank you all once more for your interest and support.


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