Created on 05 July 2016

More Locations Identified

Well, things are happening apace at the moment and quick on the heals of the last listing here is the latest:

Nightmare 003 and 004 – Jon Horswell

Weapon, The 021, 041, 060, 061 and 063 – Peter

For a Few Dollars More 002a – Roger Auclair

Happiest Days of Your Life, The 001 – Chris and James Churcher

Mister Ten Percent 003 and 014 – Neil Rigby

Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The 03 and 04 – Gordon Thomson

Salt and Pepper 001 – Gordon Thomson

House that Dripped Blood, The 009 – Gordon Thomson

Intimate Stranger, The 001 – Gordon Thomson

Twin Town 033 – Tony Bartlett

My Brother Jonathan – 009 to 011 – Peter Brown

Thank you all once more for your contribution and information.


Created on 28 June 2016

Latest Locations Identified

A number of our "Unknown Locations" or nagging doubts have been resolved in the last few days, so thanks again for the following:

Emergency 021 to 023 – Gordon Cruickshank

Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery, The – 008, 012, 012a and014 and Header Section – Chris Churcher

Runaway Railway (CFF) – Informaion, header section – Chris Churcher

and with the benefit of “insider knowledge” from Gordon Thomson:

Fright 001 to 005

Mosquito Squadron  009 and 010

Never Take Sweets From a Stranger 003, and 010 to 015

Glitterball, The (CFF) 002

I’m All Right Jack 004 to 006

Intimate Stranger, The 002 and 013 to 017

Created on 21 June 2016

Locations Update

Repeated thanks to the following contributors for resolving a number of unknown locations and for providing support information, our knowledge base relies so much on our viewing "audience".

Ring of Bright Water 013 – Gus Brydon

Dance with a Stranger 031 – Tim Keating

Encore 012 and 013 –  Information from Peter Brown

Derby Day 017 and 019 – Barrie Gilbert

‘Till Death Us Do Part 010 – Frank F

Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The 07 to 09 – Gordon Thomson

Quatermass 2 202 – Gordon Thomson

Tiger Bay 008 and 008a – Gordon Thomson

Fury at Smugglers Bay 004 – Gordon Thomson

Heavens Above 009a to 009l – Gordon Thomson

Created on 02 June 2016

Quadrophenia London Location Tour

Kieran McAleer who has provided us with two location identifications for the film Quadrophenia is proposing a mini-bus tour of the London locations on Saturday 25th June next. If you are interested and or would like to know more he can be contacted on Facebook or on Twitter @CroxleyGreeen

Created on 29 May 2016

Locations Identified and Information

It never ceases to amaze how much interest and knowledge there is that can recognise a location or contribute towards the actual making of a film. The strength of ReelStreets is a product of its contributors, thank you all!

Private Life of Sherlock Homes, The 010 – Jon Horswell

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger 017 – Danny. A Correction.

Hue and Cry 060 – Pat Bryan. Information.

This Happy Breed – Ronnie Hackston. Information in the header section.

Noose 001 to 003 – David Dixon

Two Way Stretch, The 002a and 002d – Isabella Raine. Information.

Alfie (1966) 008, 016, 023 and 024 – Dave Austin

Bridge Too Far, A 010 – Peter Downs

High Treason 009 and 010 – Peter Brown

Created on 09 May 2016

Locations Identified

To bring you up to date with those valuable email notifications that we have received.

Count Five and Die 023a – Margaret Georgoulis

Tom Jones 021b, c and d – John Schaenkin

Chalk Garden, The 004 – Rebe

Room at the Top 039 – Jon Horswell

Long Arm, The 011 and 012 – Mike Mildren

Missionary, The 001 and 006 – Jonathan J

Reach for the Sky 008 – Paul Atkinson

Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery, The 006 – Dawn K

Thank you all for your contribution.


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