Created on 07 December 2015

This Weeks Identifications

It is gratifying that hardly a week goes by without locations being identified and them being advised to us. We really appreciate the contribution you make for it is such an important element to our whole purpose. Thank you all once again, particularly those names that are new to us.

Albert Carter Q.O.S.O. 007, 008, 009 and 024 – John Corbett-Maddy

39 Steps (1959) 002e – Graeme Allister

Belles of St. Trinian’s, The 005a – Nicki H

Go to Blazes 075 to 086 – Carole Semaine

Created on 03 December 2015

Latest Locations Identified

Shadow of Fear aka Before I Wake 002 to 005 and 012 – Clive Turner

Half Moon Street 013 – Steve Cook

Good work, thanks again.


Created on 23 November 2015

Locations Identified

Ferry Cross The Mersey 002 – Peter Gopsill

Deadly Nightshade 008 – Jules Ballantyne

Challenge, The 006 – Clive Turner

Kind of Loving, A 009h – Margaret McHale

Thank you all once again.

Created on 16 November 2015

More Locations Resolved

We start this week with another batch of locations identified by our supportive contributors:

Man in the White Suit, The 012 – John Schaenkin

Lucky Jim 001 and 009 – Grant Wray

Bitch, The 005a and 005b – Frederick Barry

Blue Lamp, The 050 – Eddie B

Car of Dreams 001 and 002 -  Andrew Hoyte

Please Sir! 011 – Nigel

Thank you all, we really appreciate your interest and for taking the trouble to email us.

Created on 01 November 2015

Another two locations spotted

Here are two locations identified to start the week with, both have been around for quite sometime:

Delayed Action  011 & 012 –Christopher Matheson

Secret Place, The 027 – Debbie Turner

Thanks you both once again for solving that suborn couple.

Created on 27 October 2015

Locations Update

Bullseye, The 037, 040 and 066 – Neal Rycroft

Challenge, The 021, 022 and 023 – Bob Trimmer and Bernard O’Donnell

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 031 – Elvis Davis

and a Correction

Quadrophenia 031a and 031b – Glenn Williams A CORRECTION

Thanks again to you all for keeping us informed.


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