Created on 20 March 2017

Location and Information Update

Dirty Dozen, The 010 – Lewis Randall

Monty Python’s Meaning of Life 008 – Paul

Above Us the Waves 002 – Steven Oliver  - Information.

Carry on Abroad 008 – 010 - Dave Wilson – Information

Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins, The 008 – Nigel Willmott

Say Hello to Yesterday 044 – Confirmation

Elizabeth 002 – Simon Richardson


With thanks again to you all for taking the trouble to contact us.

Created on 04 March 2017

FILM – Brief Encounter

When Peter Brown identified the re-used opening footage of Brief Encounter (1945) as the opening footage for the film Wrong Number (1959) late last month he took the opportunity to say that he had never been persuaded by the well recorded fact that it was filmed at Watford Junction. Needless to say, I couldn’t let that go without enquiring further because even if Watford Junction is popularly recorded elsewhere we here at ReelStreets like our published facts to be correct. We also accept that we are human!

As I am persuaded by Peter’s “argument”, and having done a little research myself I thought that on the basis that we have many railway workers and enthusiasts as contributors to the Website we should open up the subject for discussion and perhaps settlement.  Please click here to see the full article.

Created on 02 March 2017

Locations Identified

Dial 999 021 – Ray Potter

Counterfeit Plan 018 – Stephen Dean

Go To Blazes 058 – Bill Rice

Dunkirk 017 – Keith Wicks

Old Mother Riley’s Jungle Treasure 001 – RL but he can’t take any credit!

Wrong Number 001 and 004 – Peter Brown

Cover-Girl Killer  002 to 004 – Ray Glenister

I Don’t Want To Be Born 016 – Bill Rice

Say Hello to Yesterday 011 and 012 - Di Davies

Thank you all again for your interest and valuable contribution.

Created on 20 February 2017

Location Updates

Boys in Brown 010 and 011 – Ray Glenister

Great St. Trinians Train Robbery, The 001 and 002

Comeback, The 008 – Bill Rice

Nearest and Dearest 010 and 011 – Neil Rigby

Christmas Carol, A 112 to 116 – Bill Rice

Cathy Come Home 002 – Bill Rice

Chain, The 012a – Bill Rice

Lady Godiva Rides Again 006 and 007 – Jules Ballantyne

Ghost Camera, The – Information in banner heading.- Colin Lewis

Thank you all for keeping us so well informed.

Created on 09 February 2017

Location Updates

The information and correspondence continues at a pace, thank you all for your continued interest and help, all very much appreciated.

Weekend with Lulu, A 013 - Peter Brown

10 Rillington Place 008 – Gareth Williams

Spring and Port Wine 016 – Brian Heyes

Family Way, The 016 – Brian Heyes – Information and Confirmation

Shot in the Dark, A 003 – Frank Hustace – Information

Place to Go, A 017 – Ray Glenister

Private Function, A 001, 004, 014, 018 and 019 – Nigel Rowe

Matter of WHO, A 037 – Jules Ballantyne

Matter of WHO, A 018, 019, 026, 028 to 030, 032, 035, 038 – Neil Rigby

Double Exposure 002, 004 and 005 – Jules Ballantyne

Say Hello to Yesterday 063 – Darren  M Gomes

Eight O’Clock Walk 009 – Bill Rice

Password is Courage, The 001 and 002 – Mark Littlefield

Created on 05 February 2017

Unsung Hero

The anonymous and ubiquitous Peter, him of the shoes in an earlier blog (November 2014), regularly contributes to ReelStreets, and with his eagle eye, scours the capital for available locations. 

His accuracy with his camera is demonstrated in the latest three pictures now loaded on "One Way Out" that Peter recently submitted. Finding a location is often difficult enough, capturing the correct angle is often impossible with Google Street View, and because of the different focal lengths of modern still cameras lenses and the cine cameras that have been in use over the last hundred years, an exact comparison once captured, is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

The three shots by Peter are spot on in every respect. Well done that man. Thank you.



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