Created on 13 June 2017

Yet More Locations Identified

That this is the third week in succession a listing has had to be published before it gets too long is with all credit and thanks to the interest and involvement of you our viewers, contributors or whatever the correct term may be.

A big THANK YOU, please keep writing in.


Black Windmill, The 001 and 002 – Stefan Cucos

Challenge, The  054 and 055 – Andrew Emmerson

In the Doghouse 029 and 030 – Tonyk

Hunted 023 and 024 – Phyllis Elias

Go for a Take 003 to 006 – Di Davies

Flawless Header Section – Bob Connolly

Crossplot 031 – Geoff Dodd

Gone to Earth Too many to list – Nick Dando

Created on 04 June 2017

More Locations Identified

The listing is growing so quickly this month already that it seems appropriate to bring you all up to date. Thank you all for keeping us so busy.

Gentle Sex, The 010 – Lionel and Cynthia Sear

Midnight in St. Petersburg 011 – Harry Hulme

System, The 015f and 015g – Ray Cutler

These Dangerous Years 020, 027 and 028 – Paul Canty

Hands of the Ripper  003, 003a and 003b – Richard Rogan

A Prayer for the Dying 002 – Andrew Murphy

I Know Where I’m Going 008 – Keith Woods

Booby Trap 030 to 032 – “sandgrounder” Britmovie Forum

Law and Disorder (1958) 003 to 005 - “sandgrounder” Britmovie Forum

Created on 31 May 2017

End Of Month Location Update

Reach for the Sky 029 and 030 – Robin Brooks

Escapement – Posters and Prints relative to the film via the Header Section – Michael Jaffé

Monsieur Ripois  030 and 049 – Ray and Ron Glenister – 021, 046 & 046a R.L

Touch of Death 006 – Bill Rice

Law and Disorder 039 – Geoff Dodd

Time Bandits 007 - Dave Wilson

Exposé 001a,b and c – Paul Atkinson

Adventures of a Taxi Driver 066 - Alan Draghi

Thank you all once again for your interest and contribution.
Created on 14 May 2017

Talking Pictures TV

Unusually, the schedule for the coming week includes a number of films that we do not as yet feature in our listings and those that do, it would seem, have most of the locations identified. As a result, there is the option to watch films, not have to ask "now, where is that?" and just enjoy them or start one afresh and say, "I recognise that place, I know where that is" and reveal it all to us. For those who know Scotland well could you look at Shepherd on the Rock (1993). For those who know Germany there is Whirlpool (1959). Enjoy your viewing and, if along the way, you can identify those odd locations that still outstand on our listed films we will be delighted.

Talking Pictures TV can be viewed on Sky343 : Freeview81 : Youview81 : Freesat306 : Their full weeks scedule can be seen

Created on 12 May 2017

Latest Locations Resolved

Nothing But The Best 001 and 002 - Amanda Jonkler

Goodnight Mister Tom 026 and 028 - Many Osborne

Four Days 007 - Clive Turner

Keep, The 001 to 007 and the Header Section

Reach for the Sky 013 -Sarah Reed


Thank you all once again, your contribution is much appreciated.

Created on 26 April 2017

Location Updates

What a Crazy World 020 – Tony Holyoak

Charlie Bubbles 033, 035, 036 and 049 – Peter Giles

Deep End 005, 014, 015, 017 to 019 – Ray Glenister

Fire! 102a – Ian Lacey

Seventh Veil, The 006 – Bill Rice

Star’s Photos 018 – Robert Ross

Thank you all once more.


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