Created on 06 August 2017

Latest Locations Identified

Blue Ice 014 – Neil Rigby

Place to Go, A 019 and 020 – Ron and Ray Glenister

Rome Express 006 – Peter Brown

Deadly Strangers 034 – Jonathan G

Au Pair Girls 006g – Phil h

Pink Floyd – The Wall 013 – Christopher Matheson

Monsieur Ripois 042 –Ray Glenister

Blue Lamp, The 064 – Ray Glenister

Without a Clue 005 and 006 – Gary York

Blue Lamp, The 057 – Ray Flight

Thousand Kisses Deep, A 002 – Jonathan Horswell

Once again, thank you all for your interest and for keeping us busy.

Created on 21 July 2017

Loseley Park , Guildford, Surrey

Contributors to Reelstreets will know that doing what we do can open up opportunities to head for areas that we would not normally consider or visit specific locations that we perhaps had never previously heard of. The latter certainly happened to me when covering The Counterfeit Gang and subsequently learning that Loseley Park and indeed the House, had featured in other films and a number of more recent TV productions. It transpires however, that many with a sweeter palate than mine have certainly heard of Loseley ice cream! Notwithstanding that some of the locations featured on our Site were “off piste” to a visitor I received a ready invitation to visit the property with a view to perhaps covering the appropriate spots. Whilst I have included our customary acknowledgement of assistance within the “now” shots I could not let the occasion pass without a wider THANK YOU to the More-Molyneux family who so readily showed their willingness to assist and for permitting me to upload pictures of the “private” aspects of the home. They, together with Joanna and Head Guide Jennie provided enthusiastic interest in the objectives of Reelstreets, the support and involvement of all is very much appreciated. In addition, Maggie and I had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day in a very beautiful, peaceful setting, thank you all.


Created on 18 July 2017

Locations Identified

The length of this listing shows how busy we continue to be. Thank you all for your keen observations and for getting in touch.

Lavender Hill Mob, The 004k – Paul Mannas

Corridors of Blood 005 to 008 – Paul Canty

Barry Lyndon 026 – Alan Bourke

Never Let Me Go (1953) – Memory Header Section – Judi Simmons

Spare a Copper 015 and 016 – Tonyk

Blue Ice 021, 022, 023, 038 to 040 and 047– Neil Rigby

Blue Ice 035 and 036 - Christopher Matheson and Neil Rigby

Hidden City 027 to 029 – Peter Brown

Suspected Person 004 – Dave Buckley

Squibs 007 – Peter Brown

On the Night of the Fire 001 – Paul Fitzpatrick

Blue Ice 044 and 045 – Neil Rigby

Stud, The 019 to 021 – Christopher Matheson

Lifeforce 001 – Victor Grayson

Allez France! 011 to 013 – P J Brown

Spring in Park Lane 009 – Steve Cook

Created on 01 July 2017

End of the Month Locations

We could not let the month of June, that has been so busy with correspondence and information, close without a final round up. Thank you all once again, you have set the bar high.

Mr Nice 029 and 030 – Jonathan Godwin

Likely Lads, The – Information from Glenn Aylett in the Header Section

Suspended Alibi 016 and 017 – Christopher Matheson

I Was Monty’s Double 011 and 013 – Michael More-Molyneux

Seven Days to Noon 031 – Peter Brown

Fiend Without a Face 005 to 007 – Alan Watt

Nightmare 007 and 009 – Alan Watt

Created on 22 June 2017

Locations Identified

Blue Lamp, The 093 – Dave Buckley

Man Who Never Was, The 006a – John Tuthill

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing 021 – Jonathan Horswell

Card, The 026 to 029 – Ned Bintcliffe

Corridors of Blood 001 to 004 – Mike Partridge

Allez France 024 to 026, 028, 047 to 049 – Jim

Belles of St. Trinian’s, The 007 – Paul Atkinson

Flame in the Streets 004, 013 and 015 – Ray Glenister

Naturally, we really appreciate the volume of interest and information received in recent weeks, thank you, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

Created on 13 June 2017

Yet More Locations Identified

That this is the third week in succession a listing has had to be published before it gets too long is with all credit and thanks to the interest and involvement of you our viewers, contributors or whatever the correct term may be.

A big THANK YOU, please keep writing in.


Black Windmill, The 001 and 002 – Stefan Cucos

Challenge, The  054 and 055 – Andrew Emmerson

In the Doghouse 029 and 030 – Tonyk

Hunted 023 and 024 – Phyllis Elias

Go for a Take 003 to 006 – Di Davies

Flawless Header Section – Bob Connolly

Crossplot 031 – Geoff Dodd

Gone to Earth Too many to list – Nick Dando


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