Created on 04 October 2014

FILM: So Well Remembered - 1948

Maurice Mottershead, a Maxonian (a man of Macclesfield) has spent much time with this film and has helped us both with locations and information relating to them. He has also provided some more up to date NOW shots as well as some personal ingredient regarding the locations. All this can be found in an article that can be accessed from the film page heading. 
During his time with the film Maurice has highlighted that there is one unknown location in the film that appears a number of times and he has called it, ‘Location A’, assuming that this is a location and not a film set. Maurice seeks the help of anyone with a knowledge of Macclesfield and proposes the following:-
The ‘T’ junction between Nicholls Close, assuming this is not fictitious, (swr034) and an unknown road forms two corners; a pub called The Miners Arms is on one corner and The Browdley & District Guardian newspaper office is on the other. The film either side of swr019 clearly shows the pub is called The Miners Arms and also shows a steeple behind (which can just be seen in swr019). The area behind the pub looks like a churchyard. If anyone knows the location of The Miners Arms then we will know the location of many of the scenes in this film. 
He states that ‘Location A’ occurs in the film at (time stamp hh:mm:ss): (00:02:12) (swr001a and swr001b), (00:03:05), (00:03:19), (00:08:37), (00:29:22) (swr019), (00:34:35), (00:44:22), (00:45:42), (00:49:31), (00:58:19) (swr034 and swr035), (01:12:37), (01:15:18), (01:48:40), (01:48:51).


Created on 09 September 2014

Film Locations Recently Identified

In recent weeks we have been overwhelmed with “Now” shots, information, personal  stories as well as location identifications, for all of which, we reiterate our thanks. We are greatly rewarded by the interest that the Site continues to stimulate.
As always, we like to highlight those locations that have been identified but are not necessarily apparent to all unless one is following a particular film, so here are some of those more recently advised to us.
Man Who Haunted Himself  023 – Andrew Lees :
East of Ipswich 005/6 –John Hanley :
Fourth Protocol 072 – Rob Beckwith :
Taste of Honey 006b – Richard Lysons :
I was Monty’s Double 037 - Molly
Created on 17 August 2014

Location Information Update

We really appreciate the steadily increasing interest that the Site seems to be enjoying, not only from within the UK but from other parts of the Globe which all helps to fill those elusive "Unknown Locations" gaps. Recently, many of those contacting us have, or been able to, support their information with at least Google Images but two recent pieces of information lay hidden within the screen grabs.

Nick Hart recognised Morgan, a suitable Case for Treatment 049 and 050 as White Lodge in Richmond Park, home of The Royal Ballet School. Nick lived there as a child and one of his earliest memories is the hammer and sickle being laid on lawn and has just acquired a copy of the DVD to go down memory lane. Now it is identified all we need is someone to visit and take those shots.

By coincidence, another Nick (Cooper) tracked down O'Lucky Man! 037 to Tottenham Court Road underground station, now under serious redevelopment due to Crossrail. His support Website references can be seen with that screen shot.

Thanks to you both for solving those locations.

Created on 25 July 2014

FILM: Never Let Go (1960)

Back in January 2008 there were two detailed Blogs (still viewable) from Colin Childs concerning the precise locations of the early still shots of this film. We have now heard from Brian Jenkins who lived in Kinnaird Street and went to school with Colin. He is keen to get in touch with him again and discuss the "Street" and "Place" locations in more detail with him. Having read all the correspondence, clearly local knowledge is important to understanding the locations and changes that went on. Unfortunately, ReelStreets has not kept Colin's contact details so if you still follow our Site Colin and would like get in touch we would be pleased to connect you with your old school friend. After all, we do like to be exact with our location information on this Site!

Created on 08 July 2014

Location Information Update

We have recently received information on the following films:

Half a Sixpence regarding halsi024 from Andy Cook
After The Fox regarding aftfo011, 012 and 019 from Cristina Tortora

Thank you both

Created on 30 June 2014

Location information received last week.

Our Server problems appear to be behind us and we have, hopefully, made all the necessary amendments that were outstanding. Thank you to all those that were so patient with us. Last week we were able to add at least Google Images to support all the information provided including that from Nick Farmer concerning The Big Sleep and screen shot bs014 in particular.  Nick, who served at Marylebone Lane Police Station until 1977 also provided us with this additional interesting background information.

"When you watch the film the scene after Roger Mitchum enters the Police station and meets Richard Todd and John Mills is the ground floor Charge Room and the cell passage can be seen to the rear. The next scene is on the first floor, in what was the old CID Office. Note the curtains are drawn as it is meant to be at night. At times the local Police, then at their New Police Station in Seymour Street (now also closed) had to go down to Marylebone Lane Police Station and explain to "tourists" that we had moved, although it appeared open, as the film crew had actors in uniform!"

Many thanks for that Nick.