Created on 10 April 2015


Could “Make Mine Mink” contain another clue, or set of clues, in the on-going saga of the Cinema of Darkness? Did Dogsbody, who is believed to have owned a Standard 8, manage to insert it into this film in some ten scenes.

We know that Dogsbody lived in a mansion block in Hammersmith, we know that he was in the film industry, and we believe that numbers of young women went missing in towns where British feature films were being made and where, in all probability, Dogsbody was on the film crew.

We know that no murder enquiries were ever launched, that no crime scenes were ever identified and that no bodies were ever found. Missing persons files were opened, but nothing more.

Who was Dogsbody and which property, I hear you ask. Look at the Cinema of Darkness and maybe you can help us find more clues to this cinematographic mystery.  Or maybe you'd like to invest in the production of the film, or even adopt it as a media project in one or more educational establishments, or possibly take the script and act as an agent.

Let us know.

Created on 08 April 2015

Film Locations Identified

Even the Easter Holiday does not divert those keen eye's, here are the latest:

O Lucky Man 009 – Kathy B

Tiger Bay 002a to 003f – Jez Jones

Say Hello to Yesterday 015, 016 and 017 – Peter Brown

Amazing Grace 024 – Ian Davidson

The Fourth Protocol 004 and 005 – Lisa N

Psychomania 011 012 and 015 – Andy Greenland

Daybreak 009 – Martin Botting

Thanks to you all.

Created on 24 March 2015

More Locations Identified

The constant supply of new information and sometimes background stories from new contributors and of course regulars, gives us great pleasure and support. Thank you all, we really appreciate hearing from you. The current list for publication are:

The Quiet Man  Various shots – Chris

Women in Love 029 & 030 – Ian Davidson

Juggernaut 001 - James Hart

The Long Memory 028b – John Mason

Payroll 002 – Michael Markwick

Man in the White Suit 015 – Greywanderer

Privates on Parade Various shots – Neil Pearson

Please keep them coming.......don't forget the NOW shots are just as important!


Created on 24 March 2015

Review Blogging – The Big Picture

Would you like some free tickets/DVD to view the latest film? Studios send these out all the time to accredited reviewers.
Or perhaps you prefer the more classic products of the older studios, often being re-released and digitally improved. They too want publicity and have less cash to spend on promotion. But many will happily send out a review copy of a disc free for you to review.
In return can you write a review of the film in 500 words or less? We can help you here with some suggestions. Email us.
You can use ReelStreets as a springboard to journalistic stardom, by becoming an associate editor.
Can you formulate a letter to the publicity department of the film studio?
Can't write an email? We can send you a template. Ask them for location photos for adding to the site, and your blog.
Use our 1300 films, 33,000 stills, 4 million monthly hits and 400,000 page views each month to attract film companies to participate in and benefit from our huge success.

John Tunstill

Created on 16 March 2015

Informal Meeting/Get Together

Last Friday's meeting was, as always, enjoyable and we were pleased to have some of our contributors join us. Thanks to those that made the effort, it was great to put faces to names and to thank them personally for their important contributions. Unfortunately, Simon arrived a little late and some people had departed but in his favour was that he was the only one with a camera! He recorded the event with these two photo's, fortunately for us, his NOW shots for the Website are always in focus!

Created on 08 March 2015

Locations Identified - Update

We have had more of our unidentified locations revealed thanks to the following contributors:

The Englishman Who Went Up etc etc  027 – Gavin Brain

Tread Softly Stranger  010, 013, 033 – Phyllis Elias adds confirmation and information.

The Bitch 001c – Elliott James

Charlie Bubbles 050 – Ian

Horror Hospital 006 – Neil Saunders

The Magnet, well, you have probably seen the postcard Now shots sent in by Ray Jones from his personal archive last week but he has supplemented those with a rather amusing story of his "scally days", with more pictures from his archive. Read article.