Created on 15 February 2015

Finding Mr Sweet

Lazy afternoon in Swansea, sunny day but cold. A bit of radio therapy I thought, not the type I had a few months ago at the local hospital, but an easy chair, a pot of tea and a couple of chocolate suggestives. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean.
Anyway I found Radio Three on my television, on my television? It used to be on the wireless. Nice programme called the Sound of Cinema, melodies from films dealing with obsession, nice one I thought, just for me. And, as an obsessive regarding this site, I wondered if they would be playing my tune.

Created on 09 February 2015

Locations Identified Last Week

Carry On Constable 009 – Daniel O’Neill

The Knack 037 – Patrick Brown

London Belongs to Me  014 – Patrick Brown

Dance Hall 012 – Dave King

The Amorous Milkman 011 and 012 - Dan O’Neill

Baby Love 025 – Paul McGirl

Thank you all for information and interest.

Created on 02 February 2015

Even more Locations Identified

Thank you again, to all those who have kept this years momentum going and resolved more locations for us:

Arabesque  014a to 014b – Clive Turner

Blithe Spirit  001’s – Peter Adams

The Caretaker 011 – Ken Jacobs

Kevin and Perry Go Large  011 and 012 – Jamie Sturgeon

Melody aka SWALK 027, 063 and 065 – Mark Walsh

Please do keep them coming.

Created on 16 January 2015

More Locations Identified

The information just keeps rolling in:

The Blue Lamp 094 – Paul Alley

Smashing Time 037 – David O’Connor

The Sorcerers 010,011,012 – Martin Kent

Ring of Bright Water 015 and 016 – Carol Holloway

Get Carter 026 - Bill Richardson

Kidnapped – Alasdair Campbell advises that many of the scenes were shot around the Oban area. We seem to have only one screen grab for this film and at least three aficionado's on Oban and the area around. Do you have a copy of that film? Can you supply us with more screen grabs? A good start point to get further involved.

As always, thanks again all for your contribution.


Created on 14 January 2015

Have you sent us pictures?

But not received a reply from us, or they are not on our Site. If so, PLEASE get in touch, as we have found a number carefully filed in our system without any supporting email or message. We will do our best place them in the right spot given the photo reference but we would like to give credit to you. For those that we cannot place we will need your help, so PLEASE get in touch if you have sent in pictures and received no reply, not doing so is not our style! From a more boring administrative point of view we would like to know how they arrived with us.

Created on 09 January 2015

Film Locations Identified

What a wonderful start to the New Year, locations, snippets of background information and touching compliments of support and interest, thank you all. Already after a week there is need for an update list:

Town on Trial 003 – Keith Jowett

Goodnight Mister Tom 034 to 042 – Russ Ketley

Carry on Regardless cr011 – George Dexter

The Challenge 016 to 018 – Neil Rigby

Scandal 032 – Timothy Beecroft

Funeral in Berlin 005 & 006 – Allan Hailstone

Funeral in Berlin 015 to 017 – Amanda Jonkler

All very much appreciated, thank you.