Created on 13 July 2015

This time an 83 year old

More bad news from the world of film, Omar Sharif, has died of a heart attack, in Cairo. Sharif made more than one hundred films, was an international bridge champion, spoke six languages and had degrees in both maths and physics, was best known for his part in Lawrence of Arabia, and his role as Dr Zhivago, neither of which we have we have on line, but we have captured the Tamarind Seed which he made with Julie Andrews in London in the 70's. 
The passing of another idol.
Created on 11 July 2015

Freedom of Panorama is saved!

Your voices have been heard by the European Parliament and by the European Commission! After handing over the half a million signatures on Wednesday, the parliament voted yesterday. Thank you, to those of you who took the trouble to let sense prevail.

Created on 03 July 2015

Location Information Update

A mixture of location, information and confirmation this week.

Fourth Protocol, The 029, 030, 073 to 075 – John Wilson

Idol, The 025 – Peter Hyde (information)

Waterloo Road 005a – Karl (Confirmation)

Love Actually 011, 023 – Robin Holland (information)

Bliss of Mrs Blossom, The 010 – Steve Rees

AuPair Girls 006a – Steve Rees

Angry Silence, The 029 – John Wilson

You are a mine of information, thanks again.

Created on 01 July 2015

Another 93 year old bites the dust.

Patrick Macnee, another of our well known, well loved, British actors is no more. Best remembered in the character of John Steed in the classic TV series of the Avengers. We have several films on site with Macnee in the cast,  “Life and Death of Colonel Blimp” and “Scrooge” amongst them, and dating back some sixty-five years. Time certainly flies when one is having fun.

The film “13 East Street” with Dora Bryan and Harry Fowler is on our list, and shows Macnee in the cast. However no confirmation of his inclusion can be confirmed, maybe he was uncredited. As yet we haven’t obtained a copy of the film. Do you have one, can you pull the scenes for us and earn our undying thanks? Or even send in a copy and we’ll do the work and credit you. offer a free copy however my steam-driven computer is far too slow to take advantage of their kind offer.

Macnee appeared in hundreds of TV shows, series and films as well as mainstream movies and is always thought of as suave and flirtatious when sporting his smart suits, umbrellas and bowler hats, and, of course, sorting out the villains. 

A loss to the profession, and to us..

John Tunstill 

Created on 23 June 2015

Locations Identified

Mysteries recently identified for us:

Oh, Mr Porter! 010 – John Gravett

One Jump Ahead  001 and 001a – Anjano Ginho

Angry Silence, The  010, 028, 040– John Wilson

Magnet, The 042 – Location confirmation

Last Orders 005 – Nigel Coupe

Thank you all once again for the interest and taking the trouble to write. Very much appreciated.

Created on 20 June 2015

Sign of the Four

Also sometimes called “The Sign of the Four”, a recent film shown on Movies 4 Men, was full of fog, mist and smoke and a few London locations, Tooley Street among them seen and identified in several of our on line epics. Written in 1890, and probably depicting events that took place during the life and times of Sherlock Holmes in or about1888, Conan Doyle employed Holmes' powers of deduction to entertain, confuse and amaze and captivated Victorian audiences with the cunning logic of the world's most popular detective, this time depicted, laconically, by Ian Richardson.

Tower Bridge and Greenwich Palace appear briefly from the fog, smoke, smog and mist but we've done them as you will well recall in a number of films that are listed under our search button. 

This version of the story; and there have been ten or a dozen others over the years since the 1930's; was made in1983 and Holmes' flat at 221b Baker Street contains numerous prints and illustrations, framed and hanging on the walls. General Charles Gordon's portrait can be observed, and as this unfortunate was killed in 1885 that is a reasonable addition to Holmes' pin-ups. What the set dressers possibly failed to appreciate when they collected the artefacts with which to decorate the great man's study was the fact that the two Vanity Fair “Spy” cartoons; a portly gentleman in a frock coat and top hat and a cricketer in whites, as was the custom in those days; which adorn Sherlock's walls may well not have even been published in 1890.

If you have an interest in these beautiful old prints, which one can often find in the offices of the better type of professional persons, then email us, or better still, have a look at the list on where there is reference to a thousand or more Men of the Day, and a few Ladies as well. Most constituencies have had their M.P's caricatured between the 1880's and about 1914, and would make a fine gift for your current incumbent. Elementary, my dear Watson.