Created on 08 March 2015

Locations Identified - Update

We have had more of our unidentified locations revealed thanks to the following contributors:

The Englishman Who Went Up etc etc  027 – Gavin Brain

Tread Softly Stranger  010, 013, 033 – Phyllis Elias adds confirmation and information.

The Bitch 001c – Elliott James

Charlie Bubbles 050 – Ian

Horror Hospital 006 – Neil Saunders

The Magnet, well, you have probably seen the postcard Now shots sent in by Ray Jones from his personal archive last week but he has supplemented those with a rather amusing story of his "scally days", with more pictures from his archive. Read article.


Created on 23 February 2015

JT invites you to pause for thought.

They used to say that art reflected life until Oscar Wilde expressed the opinion that more often life reflected art. Whichever of these views you hold matters not, and both are equally valid. But any way round it is essential that a distinction be drawn between life and art, and vice versa. 

I was recently watching a documentary about the Russian Revolution, the October Uprising, or if you wish to be pedantic The Great October Socialist Revolution, which took place on the 25th October 1917 for those following the Julian calender, or the 7th November if one adhers to the Gregorian system. Confused? Hardly surprising.

Created on 22 February 2015

Film Locations - UPDATE

There are two locations that have recently been resolved:

All the Way Up 042 by Helen Gardner and

eight shots in Blackout that are all involving the large country house, "The Grange", where Chris goes in pursuit of Otto. The background to what was really "Old Quarry Hall" and further pictures can be read via the information section of the film or by clicking hereWith thanks to Patrick Steel.




Created on 18 February 2015

BBC2 - Reel History of Britain

BBC2 in Wales is re-running this super series called “ Reel History of Britain” that was first broadcast in 2011. Melvyn Bragg the famous broadcaster, two months, less a day, older than me, and obviously with fond memories of growing up in the 50's and 60's has produced an interesting medley of very human social moments, caught on film. Whilst I currently have the benefit of being in Wales it is available to all via iPlayer if you didn't catch it first time round.

Created on 15 February 2015

Finding Mr Sweet

Lazy afternoon in Swansea, sunny day but cold. A bit of radio therapy I thought, not the type I had a few months ago at the local hospital, but an easy chair, a pot of tea and a couple of chocolate suggestives. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean.
Anyway I found Radio Three on my television, on my television? It used to be on the wireless. Nice programme called the Sound of Cinema, melodies from films dealing with obsession, nice one I thought, just for me. And, as an obsessive regarding this site, I wondered if they would be playing my tune.

Created on 09 February 2015

Locations Identified Last Week

Carry On Constable 009 – Daniel O’Neill

The Knack 037 – Patrick Brown

London Belongs to Me  014 – Patrick Brown

Dance Hall 012 – Dave King

The Amorous Milkman 011 and 012 - Dan O’Neill

Baby Love 025 – Paul McGirl

Thank you all for information and interest.