Created on 04 June 2017

More Locations Identified

The listing is growing so quickly this month already that it seems appropriate to bring you all up to date. Thank you all for keeping us so busy.

Gentle Sex, The 010 – Lionel and Cynthia Sear

Midnight in St. Petersburg 011 – Harry Hulme

System, The 015f and 015g – Ray Cutler

These Dangerous Years 020, 027 and 028 – Paul Canty

Hands of the Ripper  003, 003a and 003b – Richard Rogan

A Prayer for the Dying 002 – Andrew Murphy

I Know Where I’m Going 008 – Keith Woods

Booby Trap 030 to 032 – “sandgrounder” Britmovie Forum

Law and Disorder (1958) 003 to 005 - “sandgrounder” Britmovie Forum