Created on 30 March 2017

Spring Meeting

Spring is here and the Reel Streets crew are having a meeting. The gathering will be held in The Royal Oak public house at the corner of Columbia Road and Ezra Street in Hoxton, London E1 on Thursday 20th April 2017 starting at opening time, 16:00hrs (4.00pm).  The pub has featured in 'The Krays', 'Legend', 'Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door' and 'The Missionary' with the surrounding streets being seen in 'Fool's Gold' and 'Pierrepoint'. 

As The Royal Oak is not the best sited place for many to get home from, at about 18:30hrs (6.30pm) we will move on for a 30 minute bus ride to Covent Garden where we will reconvene in The Globe of 'Frenzy' fame to round off the evening.

Hoping to see you there.