Created on 03 January 2017

New Year Locations Identified

A Very Happy New Year to all. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in one way or another since whenever, it is your involvement that makes ReelStreets the website that it is, not least a source of resolving that quite popular question "where was that filmed?". Those of you that have any knowledge or involvement in websites will know that usage statistics are very questionable but they can be relied upon to at least give reliable trends. In this regard we are delighted to say 26th December 2016, yes, Boxing Day, was the heaviest days activity that we have, we believe, ever witnessed. That was followed by the 27th December. Was that to do with the films shown on TV, settle family "arguments" or just all our faithful followers having time to see if they could resolve an unknown. Whatever it was, thank you for your interest and for turning to Reelstreets.

The list of locations identified is much longer than usual, partly as a result of activity and partly as a result of the Season but thank you all for you valuable contribution.

Crooked Sky, The 021 to 023 – Peter Brown

Peeping Tom 004 – Ray Edwards

And the Same to You 003 – John Fenwick

Savage Messiah 027 – Rod Thornton

Man in the Moon 026 – Helen Warner

Lifeforce 004 – Greg Chapman

Hi-Jackers, The 003 and 020 to 023 – Greg Chapman

Silver Fleet, The 018 – Greg Chapman (Information)

Against the Wind 001a, 003, all the 006’s, 014b and 007’s plus 017’s – Ray Glenister

Hereafter 018 – Robert Ballantyne

Wedding Date, The 014 – Chris Moore

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 034 – Dáire Kivleham

Family Way, The 010 – Paul A Weir. Information

Angela’s Ashes 006 – Fiona O.

Angry Silence, The 049 and 050 – Jonathan Horswell

Belles of St. Trinians, The 002 – Jonathan Horswell

Night Boat to Dublin 019 – Patricia Sennett. Information

Bulldog Breed, The 001a – Nicole Rosen. Information

Sweeney 2 039 and 040 –Alan Draghi

Plank, The (1967) 045 – Clive Abbey