Created on 30 August 2016

Locations Identified

Thank you all for some excellent identifications. Those that relate to totally re-developed areas that can really only be identified by someone who lived there are very much appreciated and welcomed. How else would we know? 

This is a good opportunity to apologise if our response times in recent weeks have been a little slower than usual, our correspondence level has been quite high with intensive information and support material. We try to enjoy Real Lives as well!

Rita, Sue and Bob Too! 012b to 012d – Peter F.

Breaking Glass 023 – Barry Robins

Nuns on the Run 028 (Information) 055, 056 and 059 – Mike P.

Poor Cow 008 and 009 – Tom Mulrenan

Quiller Memorandum, The 027, 029, 031, 040, 041 and 041a as well as an article in the Header Section – Christoph Gogg

Great Van Robbery, The 002 – Frances Bull

Eight O’clock Walk  001 to 004b, 006 and 007 – Frances Bull

Villain 008 – Frances Bull

Frightened Man, The 001 – Frances Bull

Odd Man Out 021 and 023 – Malcolm Cotton