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FILM / MOVIE: Billy Liar
BILLY LIAR 1963 Tom Courtney Baildon, (hills overlooking Bradford; 37 Hinchliffe Ave, Southgate, Victoria Hotel, Victoria Square War Memorial, Princes Way, Bradford, Ilkley Moor, Manchester, and Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford, Bolton Woods Quarries, The Mecca, Manningham Lane. Coffee bar, Great Horton Road, Sunbridge Road, Leeds Road.
This movie is available on a swop/exchange/barter basis from John Tunstill. It is a VHS PAL copy. If you would like to swop/barter or exchange one of your tapes for this copy then request my “Wants” list to find out which films I require.

Can you identify any of the real streets for this movie?
We are always looking for more help with identifying these film locations and would be grateful for any positive identifications, snippets or references you can offer.
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Hinchliffe Avenue

Spot the difference! New front door, garden re-modelled and driveway installed, sloping roof to side-kitchen, apart from that it's much the same! - Gareth Nolan

1. Billy’s home, perhaps 37 Hinchliffe Ave, Bradford

2. Billy’s home, perhaps 37 Hinchliffe Ave, Bradford

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